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Gods of Aberdeen by Micah Nathan

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Review Excerpts

The Hollywood Reporter – June 13, 2005
“In Micah Nathan's Gods of Aberdeen, a certain subset of high-achieving students spend their time off in a gloomy corner of the already gloomy campus of a New England college, toying with dark alchemic secrets and courting death. Our entree into their world… is 16-year-old scholarship striver Eric, with more brains than he knows what to do with, getting sucked deeper into a seductively dangerous and almost magical world. Soaked with gothic mood and spiked with sharp dialogue, it's Dead Poets Society via Stephen King.
-- Chris Barsanti

Kirkus Review – April 1, 2005
“Written in flashback by its haunted protagonist, this first outing trades in clichés but makes them somehow sing together in beautiful unison... There's the narrator, Eric Dunne, 16 and on an academic scholarship that's rescued him from his foster family and New Jersey, who is introduced to the joys of full-time study, the mystery of death and the punch of unrequited love. Then there's the story, as young Eric is roped into a research project run by Dr. Cade, one of the bright lights of Aberdeen and working in a history of the Middle Ages... A malevolently thrilling coming-of-ager wrapped in a philosophical detective tale.”

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