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Wendy Smith
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Give A Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World

Publisher Hyperion, September 2009

This book will unveil a little known but critical truth: small donations from everyday Americans can create tremendous positive change throughout the world.

Philanthropy is everywhere in American media today. Unfortunately, most of it focuses on the biggest donations by the wealthiest individuals such as Oprah and Bill Gates. When a Little Means a Lot will show readers that their modest gifts are extremely powerful.

Based on the author’s 20-plus years of experience working in the nonprofit sector, When a Little Means a Lot will describe the importance and potential of everyday readers’ generosity. The book will demonstrate exactly how their affordable donations can generate positive change by profiling effective nonprofits and telling success stories. The book will focus on programs that address five of today’s most urgent social challenges: hunger; disease/healthcare; education; infrastructure; and access to tools and technology.

When a Little Means a Lot will reveal the “3 Big Secret About American Giving”: 1) collectively, everyday Americans are extraordinarily generous donors; 2) their contributions do make a difference; and 3) philanthropic donations change the donor as well as the world. Research shows that those who give to others are healthier and happier in their own lives. The book will inspire donors to believe in the power of their purse strings, no matter how ligh

Give A Little: How Your Small Donations Can Transform Our World