Requesting reprint permissions…

If you wish to request a reprint permission for our authors, please send us a US postal or e-mail request (use the rights address listed on Contact page) with, in addition to the author’s full name and clearly defined information on your particular work of interest, the following information:

  • Your print run (we only grant for one printing usually a first printing – tell us the number of copies)
  • Word count of the excerpt and/or number of pages
  • The text itself
  • Type of rights (World, North America, etc…)
  • A fair dollar compensation offer based on or similar to what you might offer to any major publisher

If we do not receive this information, you should expect a delay before we can do the paperwork to process your request.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK US FOR EMERGENCY TURN AROUND. Give us a bit of time to process the request since permissions are only a part of our ongoing work to serve our writers!

Please contact us with a fair estimation of dollar value for your requested work. A fee for a print run of 2000 copies is one thing as opposed to 15,000 copies…

We are very responsive to permissions for the blind, non-profit and good will organizations, and the like. We often do not charge any fees for such requests.

Here below, in bold, are permission terms that when asked we do not consider:

Terms of Grant: Permission is granted for non-exclusive, all language use in the World market for this edition and for future and ancillaries and derivative works of XXXX in the following formats: World, All Languages, All Media (including not developed/invented yet!), All Products, and All Editions. We will not respond to these type of requests.

Generally we grant permissions per single edition, not all editions you might print. Derivative works and ancillaries are a NO. So is any “un-invented yet medium”.

Thank you.