Should you have a bounced back email from one of our agents please call us for the right email address. We do not broadcast email changes but to those with whom we correspond on a regular basis.

If you are writing by e-mail, please direct the following inquiries to their respective accounts. (Please pick only the appropriate category; do not e-mail simultaneously to all addresses provided!)

Quick view:

bullet Queries from writers seeking representation: this email address is temporarily suspended until we are able to attend queries again.
bullet Foreign rights or rights for movie and/or TV: the rights e-mail account
bullet Any other inquiries, such as contacting an author for a book group, reaching someone whose email has changed,  etc: please call us.

Our current e-mail accounts, each to be followed with @ and (no spaces):

bullet Queries: please see above.
bullet Rights: rights. We cannot answer anything else than rights related issues at this email. Please send here reprint permission requests as well.
bullet Office: we discontinued this address.

We present our e-mail addresses in fragments on this site to avoid having our accounts harvested by spammers. Please do not pass our full e-mail addresses onto any sites or listings.

For speaking engagements please call us.

Note: If your e-mail address is behind a spam protector and you contact us without preemptively placing our e-mail on your “white list,” we will not be able to respond.

Mailing Address

Publishers: Please do not send contracts, checks, royalty statements, or any other official materials to our former P.O. Box. Please use the office address you have in our contracts. If you do not have it, call us for the information – 914-318-0558

We no longer have a PO Box.