The Kitchen Boy

Publisher Viking/Penguin, February 2003

Is it possible to penetrate the enigmatic Russian soul? Yes, if for many years you lovingly study Russia, her people, her history and culture. In my opinion, Robert Alexander has brilliantly accomplished this task in his book, THE KITCHEN BOY.

As told by the kitchen boy, Leonya, the last tragic days of Emperor Nicholas II, Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna, the heir Tsarevich Alexei, and the Grand Princesses Olga, Tatyana, Maria, and Anastasia, is a story that cannot leave anyone untouched. The detailed description of their daily lives, clothing, and speech is remarkable. Through the power of the author’s imagination, we see not only the tragedy of the Emperor, but that of a human being, man, and father.

“Gripping from the first moment to its surprise ending, I literally couldn’t put down THE KITCHEN BOY. Alexander brings each character, from the lowest and most peripheral, to those at the heart of the tragedy, magnificently to life. Not only is it one of the best pieces of historical fiction I’ve read in quite some time, it’s a rippingly good story, wonderfully told. Sure to be a huge success.”
— Susan Madison, author of The Color of Hope

Undoubtedly this book will be of great interest to the American reader, who knows so little of the true Russia and her history.
Ivan Sergeevich Artsyshevsky
Representative in Russia — The Romanov Family Association

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The Kitchen Boy