The Scattering – #2 in The Outliers trilogy

Publisher Harper Collins, May 2, 2017

Book number 2 of The Outliers trilogy

New York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight raises the stakes in the second book of the heart-pounding Outliers trilogy, a uniquely speculative story about secrets, betrayal, and a world where one small group of people are blessed—or cursed—with an incredible power.

Wylie may have escaped the camp in Maine, but she is far from safe. The best way for her to protect herself is to understand her ability, fast. But after spending a lifetime trying to ignore her own feelings, giving in to her ability to read other peoples’ emotions is as difficult as it is dangerous.

And Wylie isn’t the only one at risk. Ever since they returned home, Jasper has been spiraling, wracked with guilt over what happened to Cassie. After all they’ve been through together, Wylie and Jasper would do anything for each other, but she doesn’t know if their bond is strong enough to overcome demons from the past.

It is amid this uncertainty and fear that Wylie finds herself confronted with a choice. She was willing to do whatever it took to help Cassie, but is she prepared to go to the same extremes to help complete strangers . . . even if they are just like her?

“Kimberly McCreight ramps up the tension in her second installment in The Outliers trilogy. An action-packed, propulsive mystery, The Scattering is a roller-coaster ride with a bombshell ending that will have readers begging for the final chapter in the series. Brilliant!”
Mary Kubica, New York Times bestselling author of The Good Girl and Every Little Lie

The Scattering is at once a pulse-pounding adventure and a poignant emotional drama, with shocking twists that kept me guessing at every turn—and a final reveal that left me reeling!”
Katharine McGee, New York Times bestselling author of The Thousandth Floor

The Scattering – #2 in The Outliers trilogy