Publisher Three Rivers/Crown, May 2004

Whether young and single or married and middle-aged, most men face the same problem when it comes to cleaning house: they don’t know how to do it, and they don’t particularly want to learn. The results are either a messy house or a bitter spouse or-in the worst of circumstances-both.

CLEAN LIKE A MAN is the solution. Written specifically for the attention-challenged and motivation-impaired, the advice is short, pithy, and direct, without sacrificing either utility or entertainment value. Organized into user-friendly chapters that first cover the basics-tools, products, and techniques-then room-by-room chapters that tackle how to best scrub, wash, and vacuum your way to a clean house. From attacking a refrigerator filled with deli meats that have grandchildren to dealing with a male-pattern-baldness-clogged drain, from getting the most bang for your buck when buying a vacuum cleaner to getting the best results in a fifteen-minute "blitzcleaning," CLEAN LIKE A MAN is a guide to the most crucial tasks.

"Living alone I was blind to my sloppy ignorance. Once in a relationship and forced to do my fair share of housekeeping, had I not read Clean Like a Man, I'd probably still be living like a pig -- and single."
--Richard Lewis, Comedian, Actor, and Author of The Other Great Depression

“Before reading this book, I thought a goomba’s way of helping clean was lifting his legs while his wife vacuumed. This book has given me a whole new outlook and has given me a lot of laughs.”
-- Steve Schirripa, author of The Goomba Book of Love

“For those of you who aren't in touch with your feminine side -- and when a Queen isn't handy! -- I heartily recommend Tom McNulty’s engaging and helpful book. CLEAN LIKE A MAN is great for all those guys who don't know a mop from a hockey stick.”
-- Linda Cobb, The Queen Of Clean (r)

“CLEAN LIKE A MAN seemed as unlikely a title as Channel Surf Like a Woman. But it's full of useful advice and I love its message: Real men can vacuum.”
-- Mary Ellen Pinkham

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