MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG  by Maria T. Lennon

Publisher Shaye Areheart Books, May 2005

Recalling the best recent women’s fiction, from Jennifer Weiner to Elizabeth Berg, MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG is a funny, sophisticated, and refreshingly original story about doing what feels right, versus the “right thing.”

Meet Saffron Roch, a California native who’s living her life’s dream by traveling the world as a war correspondent. She’s found what she thinks is love with Oscar, a surgeon working for Doctors Without Borders, whose enormous ego has more to do with his “overcompensation” than his considerable surgical skill. But Saffron, whose daily mantra is to seek the truth, refuses to see what is right before her eyes: Oscar's infidelity, the attraction she feels for another man, and a war that's about to spill out into the very streets where she lives.

When Saffron discovers that she's pregnant with her cheating surgeon's child (read: knocked-up, newly jobless, and single at 38) and learns that she is to inherit a ten-million dollar fortune back home, she moves back to Los Angeles and throws herself into motherhood. She joins the trendy breast-feeding support group at the Pump Station, where she meets a group of mothers who seem overly superficial and egocentric at first. But they turn out to have quite a bit to teach Saffron…

MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG is a compelling story about the choices that every modern woman confronts, and how, in the face of such decisions, she remains true to herself.

“In Making It Up as I Go Along a savvy war correspondent faces the ultimate challenge of single motherhood, and fortunately for her readers, brings us along for the ride. And what a ride it is, from the first hilarious account of breastfeeding with her newfound women pals until the heartwarming ending. Don't miss this one!”
-- Cassandra King, author of The Same Sweet Girls and The Sunday Wife

“Maria Lennon creates, with pitch-perfect details and an incredibly vivid voice, a real modern-day character who’s smart and gutsy and fallible. This is a must-read for anyone who has ever had to make a tough choice about family, career, or love. You’ll find yourself cheering for Saffron on every page!”
-- Lisa Tucker, author of The Song Reader and Shout Down the Moon

"New mothers will surely identify with Saffron Roche's struggle between her love affair with her new baby and her identity loss at leaving behind a worldly career. This is a compulsively readable novel with lots of laugh out loud insights into life. "
-- Paulina Porizkova, former model, current mother and novelist

Making Up As I Go Along by Maria T. Lennon

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