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In Style Magazine - April 1, 2015
"While many books have been billed as the next Gone Girl, this mystery thriller definitely will intrigue fans of Gillian Flynn’s bestseller. After the body of an infant is found in the woods bordering a prestigious university, the wealthy New Jersey town associated with the school undergoes a series of shocking revelations as the investigative reporter assigned to the case uncovers a string of disturbing sexual crimes. Told in multiple views, the reader will have to decide what is truth and what is fiction in this heart-pounding read."

Bookpage - April 1, 2015
"With Where They Found Her, Kimberly McCreight has delivered another eerie, harrowing read. Through flashbacks and multiple narrators—some more reliable than others—McCreight weaves a deeply satisfying spellbinder that unfolds deliciously to the very last chapter."

Kirkus Starred Review – February 15, 2015
“…Expanding on the alternating-perspectives technique she used in her first novel, Reconstructing Amelia (2013), McCreight slowly lays out the pieces of the grim puzzle… Genuinely suspenseful and disturbing; McCreight delivers a provocative, timely novel that reminds us that sometimes the things that shine the brightest have the dirtiest underbellies.”

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