Paperback Edition

THE SPACE BETWEEN US by Thrity Umrigar

Publisher Wm. Morrow, February 2007

“Thrity Umrigar has created two wonderfully sympathetic characters who do much to make [India’s] complex nature comprehensible… This is a story intimately and compassionately told against the sensuous background of everyday life in Bombay… The life of the privileged is harshly measured against the life of the powerless, but empathy and compassion are evoked by both strong women, each of whom is forced to make a separate choice. Umrigar is a skilled storyteller, and her memorable characters will live on for a long time.”
— Washington Post Book World

“Remarkable… What makes “The Space Between Us” so engrossing is its ability to make readers feel empathy for its subjects… To read Umrigar’s novel is to catch a glimpse of a foreign culture, for better and for worse… Class colors everything, but in the end, Umrigar shows, every one of life’s ups and downs are available to us all.”
— San Francisco Chronicle

“[THE SPACE BETWEEN US] is a great book; I love it… I couldn’t stop reading until Bhima had her amazing epiphany of freedom at the edge of the sea. I am so happy for Thrity Umrigar! And proud of her as a woman too… It is so precious to have a book about a woman one rarely even ‘sees’ in society, whether Indian or American.”
— Alice Walker

“[THE SPACE BETWEEN US] is provocative and disturbing.”
— Boston Globe

Is your book club reading The Space Between Us? Thrity Umrigar is available to participate in your book club meeting via speakerphone.
Email requests to umrigar at yahoo dot com (you have to concatenate the words and replace “at” with @…)