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Newark Star Ledger
“Impressive… a rich look at the boiling melting pot that was Civil War-era New York. Troy’s cast is expansive and [his] research pays great dividends as his characters reveal fascinating tidbits about mid-19th century life.”

Publishers Weekly
“In Troy’s debut, the worlds of an Irish immigrant, a New York society girl, and two slaves collide via the fight against slavery and the Civil War. The depth of Troy’s characters offers compelling insights into the Civil War era.”

California Literary Review
“If the inspiring conclusion of May the Road Rise Up to Meet You is more in keeping with how we wish the outcome of the Civil War should have been, this act of wish fulfillment is not entirely out of place. Troy has written a heart-felt and moving saga of America’s most fateful hour. Anyone seeking to “hallow this ground,” as he does, is making a brave, if almost impossible, act of homage to the Civil War generation.”

Kirkus Reviews
“A quintessentially American story of adversity and triumph.”

“May the Road Rise Up to Meet You by Peter Troy hits on familiar touchstones of Irish literature–famine, loss, the near impossibility of survival–but against the fresh backdrop of the American Civil War. This debut’s four voices (Irish, Spanish and two slaves) tell a classic tale that feels equally Irish and American.”

The Free-Lance Star
"Finding ambition in a first novel is not a rare thing, but to find it fulfilled as thoroughly as it is in "May the Road Rise Up to Meet You" is indeed something special."

“Troy spins a sprawling mid-nineteenth-century novel, tightly interweaving four separate narrative strands into a vivid”

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