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Publishers Weekly - October 29, 2012
"Jack Higgins fans will enjoy Tolkienís exciting third suspense novel featuring Det. Insp. William Trave (after 2011ís The King of Diamonds), a prequel set in the fall of 1940. As Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich, the head of the Gestapo, plot to use a mole in British intelligence to further the Reichís ambitions, Trave lands a murder case. Albert Morrison, the ousted head of MI6, has been killed, flung down a flight of stairs by someone Morrisonís grown daughter, Ava, who witnessed the crime, could not identify. Traveís oafish superior, Det. Chief Insp. John Quaid, quickly settles on Avaís husband, Bertie, as the killer, since Bertie had a pecuniary motive for his father-in-lawís death. Trave isnít so sure, a feeling thatís only heightened as he tries to learn more about Morrisonís work. Heartfelt evocations of the horrors of war, in particular the effects of the bombing raids on Londoners, show Tolkien has upped his game."


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