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Why Still Dance by Phebe Hanson

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Review Excerpts

Minneapolis Star Tribune – December 7, 2003
“The Pilot Razor Point pen equivalent of Nora's tarantella – straight through the Great Depression, World War II and the Gulf War. These are witty and wry poems, not self-pitying confessionals. They speak of forbidden movies, "dirty boys," casseroles, winter storms and Kierkegaard. They are laced with the hard-earned humor of women of a certain generation... And, despite their themes of death, displacement and divorce, they are as bolstering and resonant as the church organs of Hanson's childhood.”
-- Sarah T. Williams

Pioneer Press, MN – December 7, 2003
“I flat-out loved this book, which is based on Hanson's journals. I'd describe her poetic voice as sitting-across-the-kitchen-table, but I don't want to put her in the same box as the male writer who once called her a ‘housewife poet’… Hanson's subjects and emotions are wide-ranging. She's funny, touching, thoughtful, occasionally sad but mostly optimistic… Hanson is happy to be 75, and that's a viewpoint we aren't hearing much.”
-- Mary Ann Grossmann .

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