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Sal Scognamillo
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Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook

Publisher St. Martin Press – March 24, 2015

Patsy’s Restaurant, so famous for its classic Neapolitan Italian food that Frank Sinatra used to fly his favorite dishes from its kitchen to his gigs, has had three chefs since it was founded in 1944: Patsy, his son Joe, and his grandson Sal Scognamillo. The three passed down family recipes, invented great new twists on beloved classics, and emphasized giving their diners-many of them celebrities-exactly what they wanted to eat.

Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook features recipes we really want to eat-and can easily make at home, including:

– Meatballs!
– Pasta with Lentils
– Penne alla Vodka with Shrimp
– Pork Scaloppine alla Vodka
– Chicken Pizzaola
– Chicken Liver Cacciatore
– Bass Puttanesca
– Stuffed Veal Chop
– Patsy’s Famous Onion Relish
– Stuffed Zeppole
– Tiramisu
– Lemon Ricotta Cheesecake

A big, warm, beautiful Italian cookbook with full color throughout, Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook is a great book for those who know the restaurant, and the nationally distributed sauce and pasta line, but also for those who love classic Italian.

“As a kid, Patsy’s always seemed fancy to me: a place where the waiters were impeccably dressed, and everyone paid incredible attention to detail. But despite its formality, the overwhelming feeling I got whenever we visited Patsy’s was the warmth, and the way we were always made to feel special. Everyone who came to Patsy’s for dinner–famous or not–was treated like family.” ―Ben Stiller, from the Foreword

“Patsy’s is my home away from home. When I miss my Nona’s cooking, only one place can compare. They are wonderful people who have become like family and I will be a fan for life.” ―Michael Buble

“Whenever I want an authentic home-cooked meal, I go to Patsy’s.” ―Sean Combs

“Sal is one of New York’s most familiar restaurant chefs and his food is beloved by many. I have had the good fortune to have Sal on my show where he cooked his tasty clams oreganata and baccala salad, demonstrating why Patsy’s is one of New York’s favorite eateries. I look forward to trying all of the recipes in his new book.” ―Martha Stewart

Patsy’s Italian Family Cookbook