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Bookloons – July 2006
“Larsen deals with this young mother’s reactions … with great empathy, and shows us someone who could be a friend or neighbor. She takes us through the process of grief and recovery in minute and credible detail. Keep a box of tissues nearby while reading All the Numbers, as dry eyes are impossible. Readers will feel for Ellen, cheer her on, and silently applaud the wise and compassionate decisions she finally makes. All the Numbers is a quick but gripping summer read, both incredibly sad and very satisfying.”
— Hilary Williamson

Booklist – June 4, 2006
“Compelling… Larsen limns familiar scenarios—Ellen’s return to work and the ever-present sympathy of her fellow teachers and students, her immersion in the criminal case against the young Jet Skier, barely older than her remaining son, and her stifling feelings of guilt amidst her grief—with a perceptive eye and an acutely intuitive feel for the complexities of these painful situations. Larsen depicts a mother’s year of grief and recovery with a sure and honest voice.”
— Deborah Donovan