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The Washington Post – August 13, 2006
“A compelling argument for simple moderation … Lanzalotta’s ideas about food are refreshingly sound. Too often, diet book recipes are created with a distinct disinterest in taste, featuring no-fat this, I-can’t-believe-it’s-not that, and unfortunate names like ‘Mashed Potato Surprise.’ Lanzalotta is instead passionate about ‘real’ food, and his dishes, from Sardinian Chickpea Salad to Polenta Muffins, are thoughtful, well-seasoned and tasty. If the Renaissance Man is your ideal – and giving up bread seems an insane step – you could do a lot worse than following the suggestions in The Diet Code.”
— Julie Powell

The Star Ledger (NJ) – March 28, 2006
“The diet’s inherent principle is sound: Based on what is called the Golden Ratio, it uses proven mathematics to determine portion size and, along with it, content… Flip through the pages of The Diet Code and look for some very appealing — and easy to make — recipes, from creamy squash soup to rustic rolls, from pasta with sardines to baked eggs with beans and salsa.”
— Robert Rastelli