Booklist – October 15, 2012
Planned for months, librarian Karen Nash’s vacation to London doesn’t even start as it should. She is packed and waiting for the taxi when her travelling companion, boyfriend Dave, calls to cancel. She goes anyway, only to find Dave and his new girlfriend on the same plane. Once in London, she checks into the originally booked bed-and-breakfast, where the other guests are in town for the flower show. That night Karen goes to the local pub with the B&B owner and drunkenly tells a stranger, Guy, about being dumped by Dave and how she “could just kill him.” Later that night, unable to sleep, she goes to the sitting room, only to find another guest dead. It’s ruled an accidental death, but enmities and past connections among the other guests cause some doubts in Karen’s mind. Meanwhile, a cryptic message from Guy makes her wonder if he took her words too literally. This engaging cozy has it all—English bookshops, flower shows, dotty sisters, plenty of surprises—along with an engaging premise for a continuing series.
— Karen Muller