Christian Science Monitor – June 10, 2019
“This is a gorgeous, deeply affecting story about a family reunited because of the father’s failing health. After a 10-year absence, Lena Donohue returns to her South Carolina homestead and family-owned Irish pub. Still hurting from the betrayal of her fiancé and younger sister, she tries to embrace her family, including two adorable nieces. The novel is lyrical, engaging, uplifting, and real – forgiveness beckons all, even as secrets unravel.”

Publishers Weekly – February 14, 2019
“In Henry’s satisfying latest novel set in Watersend, S.C. (after The Bookshop at Water’s End), a woman returns to the town she fled from and is forced to relive her own recollections while trying to record her father’s… …Readers will be immersed in this moving tale, hungry to learn whether love and family will overcome betrayal, secrets, and heartache.”

The Favorite Daughter