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Library Journal (Starred Review) – April 15, 2007
“If a theme runs through journalist and best-selling author Umrigar's latest novel, it would be that the issues challenging us as individuals are the same catalysts for the change that we face as a society. What might have been just another story about widowhood is, in Umrigar's hands, a canvas on which love, death, family, pain, and personal transformation are subtly painted. Readers see through Tammy's eyes as she struggles to understand her new role in life and the new definition of family. This novel transcends culture and will appeal to a wide variety of readers.” – Marika Zemke

Publishers Weekly – April 9, 2007
“In Umrigar’s tender fourth novel, Tehmina “Tammy” Sethna is torn between two cultures that couldn’t be more different: Bombay and Cleveland. Umrigar shows the unseemly side of American excess and prejudice while gently reminding readers of opportunities sometimes taken for granted.”

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