You Belong Here Now

Publisher William Morrow – April 6, 2021

You Belong Here Now opens in the wide open spaces of Montana, a rough and tumble place with rules all its own, a place perhaps big enough to provide a home for three unwanted orphans. An unlucky trio travels west on a Children’s Aid Society orphan train only to be passed up for adoption at each stop. Rather than face being sent back to the streets of New York City, Charles, Patrick and Opal jump off the train to make their way in the dusty world of prairies, mountains, and wild horses. Who they are, how they fare, and what they become in their struggle to find a place for themselves will take readers on a journey they are unlikely to forget.

“From the moment the reader steps on the train with these orphaned children, YOU BELONG HERE NOW shows how beauty can emerge from even the darkest places.”
Erika Robuck, Bestselling Author of Hemingway’s Girl

“Dianna Rostad has written a story in a narrative voice so fine and true it settles over you like a warm comforter. Set against the harsh backdrop of western Montana, YOU BELONG HERE NOW is a novel as straightforward and powerful as the characters who populate. I love this book and I guarantee you won’t find a finer debut work anywhere. “
Kent Kruger, NY Times bestselling author of This Tender Land and Ordinary Grace

“Rostad’s bighearted debut is full of surprises, and warm with wisdom about what it means to be family.”
Meg Waite Clayton, New York Times bestselling author of The Last Train to London

“A heartwarming, unflinching story of orphans, family, and horses. Timeless, irresistible. For fans of Orphan Train and all of us who long for acceptance.”
Weina Dai Randel, award-winning author of The Moon in the Palace

“Rostad comes roaring out of the gate with her beautiful debut novel YOU BELONG HERE NOW where everyone is a broken spirit in his or her own way, but are ultimately restored under the Big Sky.”
Leslie Caroll author of American Princess: The Love Story of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry

You Belong Here Now