Kirkus Review – December 10, 2015
In this moving debut autobiography, a chronically depressed short story writer tells how her relationship with her dog saved her life… Through the memoir, the author shows a captivating ability to observe the interplay of external events and her inner life… A heartfelt page-turner about depression and how dogs can save us from ourselves.

Foreword Reviews – December 1, 2015
A stunning new memoir from Julie Barton explores the topics of severe depression and canine companionship as treatment in poignant and revealing language. Dog Medicine will strike sympathetic notes with fellow sufferers and dog lovers alike… In the end, Dog Medicine is as much a work about self-acceptance and internal forgiveness as it is about the friends, both human and animal, who help us along the way. Barton commands both empathy and respect, and all of those who themselves battle depression, or who love someone who does, are certain to find this a powerful text.

San Francisco Book Review – November 19, 2015
There are few books that capture the immense weight of major depression to such a devastating level; and fewer that almost magically rescue that wounded narrative into a hopeful and loving story … Barton’s story of her life with Bunker is truly moving, and provides heartwarming proof of the ability of pets to alter our lives for the better.

Dog Medicine