Katrin van Dam


Growing up, Katrin van Dam lived for singing, dancing, acting and generally showing off. She majored in Theater Studies at Yale and then moved to New York to become a Big Star. She soon discovered that she had a crippling attachment to food and shelter, and that her acting “career” was unlikely to yield much of either, so she got a job in children’s media. There she discovered a passion for writing for kids, starting with those little activity booklets that used to get inserted into VHS tapes. Twenty-mumble years later, she is a creative executive at a major media company and writes in her spare time. She and her husband, who met as acting interns at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival, live in New York City. They enjoy seeing unreasonable amounts of theater, hosting raucous dinner parties and traveling.

Kat is fanatical about composting.


Katrin van Dam
Photograph courtesy of Daisy Lespier


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