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Bookpage - September 1, 2011
"The Winters In Bloom is exquisitely rendered and incredibly addictive. It will resonate with—and terrify—any parent who lies anxiously awake at night, fretful of the maladies and mayhem that can befall a child. This is a beguiling novel, alternately infused with despair and hope, and above all, the redemptive power of love."

More Magazine (Editor’s Picks “Hottest Fall Novels”) - September 1, 2011
“This is a highly readable thriller about the joys and perils of parenting.” (ABA) - August 2, 2011
"Tucker's latest novel is not just 'women's fiction,' it is literary fiction with characters that subtly emerge until they have become as real as your own family. The story is ostensibly about overprotective parents Kyra and David Winter, whose son Michael has disappeared from the backyard, but it is also about time and memory and how the past makes us who we are. Tucker's talent for storytelling is evident as subplots are seamlessly woven into twists and turns that continually take the reader by surprise. This is one of those rare books that you can't stop thinking about and that makes you reevaluate everything you thought you knew about your own family and your own life. I loved it!"
-- Rob Dougherty, Clinton Book Shop, Clinton, NJ


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