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The Denver Post – April 18, 2008
“Lisa Tucker, once again, brings a fresh view to the intricacies of relationships in The Cure for the Modern Life. A seemingly confirmed bachelor, a couple of homeless children and a woman crusading for the common good come together in a tale that takes a number of unexpected turns. Tucker writes with a fine imagination…raising some interesting questions along the way… Tucker continues to grow as a writer, and The Cure for the Modern Life gives readers some ethical questions… that should make the novel attractive to book groups.”
-- Robin Vidimos

The Salt Lake Tribune – April 12, 2008
“Intriguing and inviting… Lisa Tucker's new novel forces readers to confront the folly of… a self-righteous take on the world… Amelia and Matthew are lovers, and Ben is Matthew's best friend. All three start out with promising futures in medicine, but the divergent paths their lives take provide a map to explore the shifting and complicated nature of morality in the modern world… Tucker deftly forces us to ponder what we'd do in each of these situations and others that unfold in this exploration of the complexity of human nature and our relationships with one another.”
-- Lisa Carricaburu

Booksense (Booksense Pick) – March 2008
“The conflict of right and wrong runs strong throughout this story, as the lives of a business executive and his ex-girlfriend intersect with that of a homeless boy. Lisa Tucker gets at the heart of human emotion while also bringing to light the ethical and moral decisions faced in business. Her characters will stay with you long after you finish the novel.”
--Shelly Plumb, Harleysville Books

Booklist – January 1, 2008
“This is Tucker’s fourth book in as many years, and with each new title, she shows herself to be a natural-born storyteller who is developing an increasingly sophisticated technique. Here she seamlessly weaves together a touching and very modern relationship story with some compelling social issues, including medical ethics, homelessness, and corporate greed. Underlying the whole is a multifaceted analysis of what it means to be a good person in the twenty-first century... This fast-paced, funny, and smart novel is a sure bet for book clubs.”
-- Joanne Wilkinson

Publishers Weekly (Starred Review) – November 5, 2007
“Tucker offers a cure for modern readers seeking an enjoyable literary pageturner that also explores serious social issues such as addiction, ethics and genetics... In crisp, lively prose, Tucker cleverly executes a series of surprising twists that… make the novel as fast-paced as a thriller, but with astute and often humorous observations about the shifting morality of 21st-century America. The relationship dilemmas at the center of this story make it an excellent choice for book clubs, but the novel should also increase Tucker’s male readership and solidify her position as a gifted writer with a wide range and a profound sense of compassion for the mysteries of the human heart.”

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