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Boston Globe - November 11, 2007
"A disturbingly effective historical novel."

Historical Novels Review, Editors’ Choice – November 1, 2007
“Written in sleek, simple prose, Mailman captures the corruption of fear in a small town to a tee.”

San Francisco Chronicle – September 28, 2007
"The Witch's Trinity is quietly wonBderful … beautifully written, nary a word out of place, and with a few moments that throw you beyond - the way good books do. It's a tasty morsel of a book, with deeper undertones to bother you after [and] an unshakable emotional truth."
-- Laurel Maury.

Booklist – August 2007
No one escapes suspicion when a famine afflicts a medieval German village. Eager to identify a scapegoat, the starving residents of Tierkindorf fall under the spell of an itinerant friar claiming to be able to extract confessions from transgressors. When elderly Gude Muller begins to experience blackouts and confusing visions, her daughter-in-law Irmeltrude seizes the opportunity to rid herself of the burden of her husband's mother. In an ironic twist, the villagers turn not only on Gude but on Irmeltrude herself. In searingly simple prose, Mailman probes the human psyche, peeling back layers of the barest human instincts to expose the dangerous frailties of the human soul.
--Margaret Flanagan

Publishers Weekly - May 21, 2007
"Mailman creates an intense atmosphere of hunger, fear and claustrophobic paranoia"

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