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Library Journal - June 2, 2016
"In his powerful, emotionally moving love story, Greene (The Headmaster's Wife) candidly acknowledges life's complexities—and the many challenges that couples face as they negotiate romantic relationships and family expectations... ...An inspiring novel about surviving the mistakes of our youth; recommended for romantics and realists alike.”

Booklist – May 1, 2016
Readers will welcome this new novel from the author of the much-admired The Headmaster’s Wife (2014). Swaying softly between the heady days of their college romance in 1991 and the ho-hum existence of their middle-aged lives, Henry’s and Margot’s worlds figuratively collide on a crowded Manhattan street one afternoon, and suddenly all the heartbreak, betrayal, and yearning of the past 21 years comes rushing back. While students at elite Bannister College in upstate New York, rebellious artist Margot was in her natural environment of wealth and privilege, while Henry, a scholarship student from working-class Providence, was the odd man out. Yet his innate talent for poetry and romance spoke to Margot in a way no one else could, and their love affair seemed destined to defy the odds. Except that her father had other ideas, and the lovers were brutally forced apart in an episode torn straight from Shakespeare. Greene’s candid tale of true love besieged by insurmountable hardship, only to be rekindled later in life, is delicate and tender, providing readers with a gentle escape and soulful interlude.
— Carol Haggas


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