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When Kathy Patrick lost her job as a book sales representative, she realized she might have to return to hairdressing to make her living; it was a fallback profession she had trained for right out of high school. Since she dreaded giving up books, her sister suggested Patrick do both: books and hair. The energetic Patrick was inspired to do just that. In 1999 she opened a small bookstore beauty shop attached to her home in Jefferson, Texas. She called the store “Beauty and the Book,” and Patrick soon organized her customers into The Pulpwood Queens Book Group. Her colossally successful author events attracted national attention and media, including features on ABC TV’s Good Morning America, and in Newsweek, Wall Street Journal, and LA Times. Her beauty shop-bookstore has expanded and her Pulpwood Queen book club has grown into the country’s largest meeting and discussing book club, with over 40 chapters in 7 states. Each January The Pulpwood Queens gather for a “Girl Friends Weekend,” an event celebrating books and authors that brings hundreds of women from all over the country to Jefferson, Texas.

In THE PULPWOOD QUEEN’S TIARA WEARING BOOK BEARING GUIDE TO LIFE Patrick shares her inspirational story, describing how her love of books changed her life, and allowed her to travel to places she never dreamt possible. The book also encourages others to follow their dreams.

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James Patterson Pageturner Awards Honoree

Kathy Patrick
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