Cindy Dyson


Cindy Dyson is nothing like any character in her book. She wouldn’t even hang with people who were anything like characters in her book. While she is blonde and did grow up in Alaska, any resemblances to her characters are just rumors started by questionable friends. Okay, she did have a few wayward years, and she did sling drinks at the notorious Elbow Room. But not for very long, and she’s never eaten mummy flesh, although she has tried muktuk (whale blubber) as well as lusta (fermented seal flipper).

In fact, Dyson is a respectable member of her community near Glacier National Park, MT. She has a journalism degree from the University of Missouri, Columbia, and was a reporter for a few years. She wrote scads of magazine articles and several nonfiction kids’ books. Mostly she’s a mom, a foster parents, and an elitist homeschooler, who does exciting things like drag her kids to library story hour and teach toddler karate classes.

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Cindy Dyson
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