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Aram Haigaz was the pen name of Aram Chekenian, an Armenian-American writer who was born in the town of Shabin Karahisar, Turkey. He was a young boy when his birthplace was attacked, and his first book, The Fall of the Aerie, published in an English translation in 1935, is often cited by scholars and historians for its eyewitness details. Although he lived in America for much of his life, Mr. Chekenian, the author of ten books in total as well as numerous articles and essays, chose to write in Armenian.

Translated from the Armenian language to the English by his daughter, Iris Haigaz Chekenian, FOUR YEARS IN THE MOUNTAINS OF KURDISTAN is the tale of one young man’s struggle to survive, while also a rich and compelling narrative of life within a little known ancient society and tribal culture.

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Aram Haigaz first-hand account of his exile following the Armenian Genocide of 1915, makes Kirkus Reviews’ list of essential reads on this long neglected historical tragedy

Aram Haigaz
Photograph courtesy of Iris Chekeninan

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