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Publishers Marketplace -- September 8, 2004 -- MY YEAR OF LIVING BETTER WITH LESS, a nonfiction book by former publishing and bookselling marketing whiz Mary Carlomagno that chronicles a year in which Carlomagno gave up something each month - shopping, elevators, restaurants, in order to gain a deeper appreciation for what she has, as well as to learn to recognize the things that she might actually live better without, was sold to VP Harriet Bell at William Morrow, North American Rights, in a good deal by agent Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- August 2, 2004 -- Arlene Matthews's 101 REASONS TO CALM DOWN ABOUT COLLEGE, a parent's guide to staying sane while helping their teen through the competitive, often frenzied college admission process, with 101 reassuring lessons to dismantle the myths that fuel application stress, to Kathryn McHugh at Three Rivers Press, in a nice deal, by Judith Hansen at Marly Rusoff & Associates (world).
Publishers Marketplace -- May 19, 2004 -- INTELLECTUAL MAKEOVER by Edward F. Droge Jr., Ed.D. former New York City police officer, Yale graduate who taught at Harvard, affirms that as a beauty makeover aims to re-invent cosmetically, his book and method aims to re-invent intellectually, with hundreds of must-know facts and quick-and-easy super tools for learning, World rights to Leslie Meredith at Free Press, by Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- April 21, 2004 -- North American Trade paperback rights to non-fiction STALKING THE DIVINE by Kristin Ohlson, which tells the story of the author, a lapsed Catholic and skeptic, whose encounter with a group of cloistered nuns in Cleveland brings her to a deeper understanding of faith, sold to Clare Ferraro, President of Viking/Plume and Trena Keating, EIC of Plume, by agent Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- March 30, 2004 -- "THE DOCTOR’S GUIDE TO COLDS AND FLU" by Neil Schachter, M.D. of New York’s Mt. Sinai Hospital, a complete guide to preventing and treating respiratory illnesses in children and adults, including colds, influenza, sinusitis, sore throats, bronchitis and pneumonia. World rights sold to senior editor Toni Sciarra of Harper Resource in a nice deal by agent Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- March 11, 2004 -- Masha Hamilton rejoins editor Fred Ramey, who published her first novel at Blue Hen/Putnam, in his new venture, Unbridled Books, for her second novel, THE DISTANCE BETWEEN US, in which an American journalist working in Lebanon and Israel loses her British colleague and lover in a desert ambush and is plagued by the desire for revenge against the combatants who killed him. North American rights sold by agent Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- March 5, 2004 -- Novelist Pat Conroy’s expresses his passion for storytelling and cooking in THE PAT CONROY COOKBOOK: The Recipes of My Life, a combination cookbook and memoir of good food, good company and vintage Conroy stories from his beloved South to Paris, Rome, Bangkok and beyond, with recipes contributed by Suzanne Williamson Pollak, to Nan A. Talese/Doubleday in a major deal, for publication in late 2004, North American rights, by Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- February 23, 2004 -- Founding member of the famed Actors Studio Eli Wallach's memoir THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND ME, about his early days in Brooklyn and his over 50-year acting career in New York, Hollywood, and Europe, from the man whose approach to acting hugely influenced Brando, Newman and Monroe, to Andre Bernard at Harcourt, in a good deal, by Marly Rusoff (world, excl. German).
Publishers Weekly -- February 16, 2004 -- A comic first novel that stars a female foreign correspondent in Africa who goes home to Los Angeles to have her baby--and has to try to reconcile the two vastly contrasting worlds--was bought by Shaye Areheart for her eponymous imprint at Harmony. It's called "LATCH" by California-born Maria Lennon, who was educated in Switzerland and England and worked in Italian TV before returning home. World rights, excluding German, were sold by agent Marly Rusoff.
(Title changed to MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG)
Publishers Marketplace -- February 12, 2004 -- Maria Lennon's first novel LATCH, in which a thirty-eight year-old foreign correspondent, pregnant by her cheating surgeon boyfriend, returns home from war-torn Sierra Leone to L.A. where she throws herself into unlikely new friendships with a group of breast-feeding Hollywood wives and sees her past come back to haunt her when her two neatly separated worlds collide, to Shaye Areheart for her imprint at Harmony, in a good deal, by Marly Rusoff (world, except German).
(Title changed to MAKING IT UP AS I GO ALONG)
Publishers Marketplace -- October 29, 2003 -- Author of the bestselling THE KITCHEN BOY Robert Alexander's new work of historical fiction RASPUTIN'S DAUGHTER, inspired by a historical document in the author's collection, in which the eldest child of the charismatic Russian holy man recounts the last days and murder of her father, to Jane von Mehren at Viking Penguin, for six figures, by Marly Rusoff (world).
Publishers Marketplace -- October 2, 2003 -- Journalist Michael Zielenziger's SHUTTING OUT THE SUN, explaining the mystery of Japan's inability to recover from a decade-long recession by looking at social indicators--such as the tremendous number of Japanese women who choose to buy luxury handbags and designer clothes instead of marrying, plus its troubling rise of depression and alcoholism, growing suicide rate, and the more than one million young adults who shut themselves in their own rooms and have chosen to opt out completely from a society that got rich but has yet to place a value on individual identity, to Nan A. Talese for her imprint at Doubleday, by Marly Rusoff (world).
Publishers Marketplace -- September 24, 2003 -- BEAUTIFUL INEZ, by critically acclaimed novelist Bart Schneider, is the story of the lovely and talented Inez, a physical beauty, violinist of prodigious talent, and wife of San Francisco attorney Jake Roseman (the protagonist of Schneider’s last novel Secret Love). After the birth of her second child, Inez becomes possessed by a quiet engine that drives her toward annihilation. Set in San Francisco in 1962, BEAUTIFUL INEZ begins as a story of family and failed marriage, but, as Inez falls in love with a younger woman, it becomes a passion play of love and deception. World English Rights sold Shaye Areheart for the Shaye Areheart imprint at Harmony/Random.
Publishers Marketplace -- September 10, 2003 -- Psychoanalyst Salman Akhtar's THINGS: Physical Objects of Our Desire, exploring the human attachment to objects during all phases of life, from childhood through adolescence to middle and old age, to Shaye Areheart at Harmony, in a nice deal, by Marly Rusoff (NA).
Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books -- September 10, 2003 -- New York, NY -- September 10, 2003 -- Pocket Books has acquired world publishing rights to two new novels by Lisa Tucker, the critically acclaimed bestselling author of THE SONG READER, published in trade paperback by Pocket's Downtown Press imprint in May 2003, and SHOUT DOWN THE MOON, coming in April 2004. The first as yet untitled book will be published in 2005 as a Downtown Press hardcover, to be followed by a trade edition. The acquisition was made by Pocket Senior Editor Amy Pierpont in a significant deal negotiated by Marly Rusoff of Marly Rusoff Literary Agency.
THE SONG READER, Tucker's debut novel about two sisters growing up together in a small Missouri town - one of them with the ability to song read, the unusual skill she uses to help people with their problems by analyzing the lyrics to songs they have stuck in their heads -- received rave reviews and foreign rights have been sold to Italy, United Kingdom, Germany and Japan. The British edition will be published by Simon & Schuster UK in early Spring 2004. In addition, first serial rights were sold to Seventeen Magazine and large print to Thorndike. Publishers Weekly gave THE SONG READER a starred review and called it "achingly tender... [an] intoxicating debut."
"Lisa Tucker's talent has not gone unnoticed by reviewers, fans, and booksellers alike. We look forward to publishing Lisa for years to come to great success," said Louise Burke, Executive Vice President and Publisher of Pocket Books.
Pocket Books is a division of Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster, part of the entertainment operation of Viacom Inc., is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and multimedia formats. Its divisions include the Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing Group, Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing, Simon & Schuster New Media, Simon & Schuster Online, and international companies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. For more information, visit our website at
Publishers Marketplace -- September 2, 2003 -- Evelina Chao's THE RIVER OF YEARS, a memoir of a Chinese American woman's belated journey to her family's home in Beijing with her immigrant mother in search of a connection to her heritage and an understanding of her often unfathomable mother, to Diane Reverand at St. Martin's, by Marly Rusoff.
(Published as YEH, YEH'S HOUSE)
Publishers Weekly -- Rights Alert - July 22, 2003 -- Two-Book Random Deal for "Prague" Author -- Lee Boudreaux at Random House signed for two new books by Arthur Phillips, author of "Prague," a critically acclaimed novel that is still selling strongly in trade paperback.
The first of the two books, which she bought from agent Marly Rusoff for world rights, is an untitled book about an Egyptologist in the 1920s whose life is ruined when he desperately pretends to have found a royal tomb to boost his career. "It's witty, inventive and brilliantly constructed," said Boudreaux.
Random's Claire Tisne is handling foreign rights.
(October 18, 2003 - The title of the first novel will be THE EGYPTOLOGIST)
Publishers Marketplace -- June 30, 03 -- In WHY DO THEY ACT THAT WAY AND WHAT YOU SHOULD DO ABOUT IT, nationally renowned psychologist and media expert David Walsh, Ph.D., explains what happens to the brain in adolescence, giving readers the latest neuroscience research in easy-to-understand terms and providing parents with strategies and tips for helping kids through this troubling time. North American rights to Leslie Meredith of the Free Press, in an enthusiastic preempt, by Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- June 25, 03 -- CROSSING CALIFORNIA by Adam Langer -- German, Dutch, Finish rights sold -- Three foreign sales of Adam Langer's CROSSING CALIFORNIA, a hilarious first novel, set in a primarily Jewish neighborhood of Chicago where classes are separated by California Avenue, telling the stories of three families with teenage children; to Alexander Fest at Rowohlt, in an enthusiastic pre-emptive offer, by Jacqueline LeDonne at Marly Rusoff & Assoc. (German language); to Prometheus/Bert Bakker, in another enthusiastic pre-emptive offer, by Lisa Queen at Marly Rusoff & Assoc (Dutch); and to Otava Publishers, in a third enthusiastic pre-emptive offer, also by Lisa Queen (Finnish).
Publishers Marketplace -- June 25, 03 -- PRAGUE by Arthur Phillips -- German rights sold -- Arthur Phillips's PRAGUE, which depicts an intentionally lost "Lost Generation" as it follows five American expats who come to Budapest in the early 1990s to seek their fortune, to Random House's BTB imprint, in a six-figure EURO preemptive offer, by Schoffling & Co, hardbound publisher of Prague in Germany (German language paperback).
Publishers Marketplace -- May 27, 2003 -- AND SHE WAS is Cindy Dyson’s debut novel in which a loose, blond cocktail waitress whose life is mired in a trail of easy men and endless parties, follows a fisherman to a remote boomtown in the Aleutian Islands where long ago, three Aleut women began a secret history of killings that still clings to the foggy hills. North American rights to Claire Wachtel VP & Executive Editor Wm Morrow in a pre-empt, in a good deal by Marly Rusoff.
Publishers Marketplace -- May 19, 2003 -- Turkish writer Elif Shafak's first novel in English THE SAINT OF INCIPIENT INSANITIES, about a group of young people, mostly foreigners, living on a university campus in Boston, and their never-ending quest for happiness and belonging, to John Glusman at Farrar, Straus, in a pre-empt, by Marly Rusoff (NA). 
(Elif Shafak’s previous novels have won many awards in Turkey.)
MINE by Judy Goldman -- May 14, 2003 -- This new novel by highly regarded poet and novelist Judy Goldman tells the story of a mother who wakes up one morning to find the police at her door to arrest her only son -a star athlete and honor student- for murder. MINE is the story of a woman who is so protective of her son -over-involved, suffocating at times- that the only way out for him is to disappoint her profoundly. And he does.
World rights to Claire Wachtel VP & Executive Editor Wm Morrow in a nice deal by Marly Rusoff.
(Sales notices appeared on Publishers Marketplace May 14, 2003 and Publishers Weekly)
(The title of this novel was changed by the publisher to EARLY LEAVING)
Publishers Marketplace -- May 7, 2003 -- Daniel Hayes's debut novel, ONUS, a quirky story about an oddly endearing struggling writer who decides to enact a fantasy of kidnapping an editor at a major publishing house, sold to Anne Czarniecki at Graywolf, in a nice deal, by Marly Rusoff (world English).
(Title changed on publication to TEARJERKER)
April 29, 2003 -- CROSSING CALIFORNIA by Adam Langer is set in Rogers Park, a primarily Jewish neighborhood of Chicago in which classes are separated by California Avenue. Not only class boundaries are traversed in this brilliant and often hilarious first novel but life’s boundaries -from Bat Mitzvah, graduation, loss of virginity, assimilation, marriage, divorce, even death -- as the stories of three families, all with teenage children, are told. Early readers have called CROSSING CALIFORNIA “a Jewish Corrections” while others have opined that it reads like episodes of the Simpson’s written by Phillip Roth.
Adam Langer is a playwright and the fiction editor of Book Magazine. This is his first novel. A six figure preemptive offer by Cindy Spiegel of Riverhead/Putnam purchased World English rights from Marly Rusoff. Lisa Queen at IMG will sell translation rights. -- April 29, 2003
(Sales notices appeared on Publishers Marketplace and Publishers Weekly)
Pat Conroy has been selected for induction into the International Scholar-Athlete Hall of Fame, located on the campus of the University of Rhode Island and administered by the Institute for International Sport.
His selection was based on his passion for and accomplishments in basketball and for "his extraordinary ability to use your experience as a player in high school and The Citadel to produce what we at the Institute feel is one of the finest sports books ever written, MY LOSING SEASON."
Other inductees include Bill Bradley, the late Arthur Ashe, Us Supreme Court Justice (Ret) Byron White, Sir Roger Bannister, Johann Olav-Koss, the late Paul Robeson, among others.
The induction ceremony will be sometime during the week of June 21-28 2003. Rudolf Guiliani will deliver the Keynote Address opening games in which 1500 scholar athletes and scholar artists from all fifty states will participate.
The founder of the awards, Dan Doyle, recently completed a lecture tour as part of NCAA Foundation and during the tour he consistently referred to Pat's book as "the most meaningful sports book I have ever read."
Publishers Marketplace -- March 27, 2003 -- Two books for children by psychoanalyst and regular contributor to the Today Show, Dr. Gail Saltz, to Stephanie Lurie and Michelle Coppola of Dutton. The first book is “Your Amazing Body…and How it Got Here,” for preschoolers about their body parts and where babies come from, followed by a second as yet untitled book on how babies are made, for elementary aged children. Each will include a letter of helpful advice for parents, encouraging them to begin these important discussions early on, setting the stage for future healthy sexual development. World rights sold to Dutton in a nice deal by agent Marly Rusoff
Publishers Marketplace -- March 8, 2003 -- LA DAME D'ESPRIT: A BIOGRAPHY OF THE MARQUISE DU CHÂTELET by Judith P. Zinsser. The life of noblewoman, mathematician, writer, translator of Sir Isaac Newton and a key figure in the French enlightenment, Gabrielle Emilie le Tonnelier de Breteuil (1706-1749) flouted custom when she took commoner Voltaire as her lover. World English sold to Caroline White at Viking/Penguin by agent Marly Rusoff in a nice deal.
Publishers Weekly -- News > Hot Deals -- by John F. Baker -- 2/3/2003 --  North Carolina writer originally published by a small press there, Ron Rash, won a two-book hard/soft deal with Jennifer Barth at Holt and Josh Kendall at Picador after agent Marly Rusoff took him up, encouraged by words of praise about him uttered on NPR and by Raleigh bookseller Nancy Olson...
Publishers Marketplace -- January 27, 2003 -- fiction -- Novelist and poet Ron Rash's second novel SHALL WE GATHER AT THE RIVER, about the drowing of a thirteen-year-old girl, swept away in a whitewater river while on vacation, which divides a small Appalachian town as young woman journalist who grew up in the community is assigned to cover the story, which forces her to confront issues buried in her past, to Josh Kendall at Picador, who bought it for trade paperback, with Jennifer Barth of Holt buying for hardcover publication in spring 2004, in a good deal, by Marly Rusof (world).
Picador also bought reprint rights to Rash's first novel ONE FOOT IN EDEN, for publication in winter 2004, in a nice deal, by Rusoff on behalf of Novello Festival Press.
(Published under the name SAINTS AT THE RIVER)
Publishers Marketplace -- January 27, 2003 -- nonfiction -- Psychoanalyst and professor of clinical psychology specializing in childhood learning disabilities Lissa Weinstein's READING DAVID: Detours Through Dyslexia, part memoir, part self-help, growing out of encouraging her dyslexic young son to help her write a book that would provide others with an understanding of what it feels like in his world, to Sheila Curry Oakes at Perigee, in a nice deal, by Marly Rusoff (world).
Publishers Weekly -- Free Press Gets New Kaplan -- by John F. Baker -- 1/27/2003 -- News > Hot Deals --Alice Kaplan is an admired writer about France, whose previous books The French Lesson and The Collaborator were both National Book Critics Circle nominees. Originally published by the University of Chicago Press, she has now moved to Free Press, where editor Bruce Nichols won her new book over offers from Ecco, FSG and Viking. Agent Marly Rusoff and Kaplan agreed, said Rusoff, that Nichols's background in publishing historical works was crucial in their choice for him as editor of The Interpreter, which tells the grim tale of how black GIs were disproportionately court-martialed, and some of them executed, for crimes against civilians during the WWII liberation of France, while whites similarly accused went unpunished. Free Press will publish in fall 2005.
Publishers Marketplace -- January 17, 2003 -- Author of NBCC-nominee FRENCH LESSONS, and NBCC and NBA nominee (and LA Times Award winner) for THE COLLABORATOR, Alice Kaplan's THE INTERPRETER, the story of American GIs court-martialed in liberated France, and of black troops publicly hung (including Emmet Till's father) while whites avoided trial or punishment, to Bruce Nichols at the Free Press, in a good deal, with multiple bidders for publication in fall 2005, by Marly Rusoff (world).
"Despite a strong attachment to her editor at the University of Chicago Press, Alan Thomas, Kaplan and Rusoff believed the new book, with its American subject, had more commercial possibilities."
Conroy wins on ‘Losing’ -- Pitt, Grey to produce coming-of-age pic - By Michael Fleming - Variety Dec 5, 2002 - In a preemptive seven-figure deal, Warner Bros. has acquired screen rights to "My Losing Season," Pat Conroy's memoir of his final season as point guard for the Citadel basketball team in 1966-67. The film will be co-financed by WB and Gaylord Entertainment. Brad Grey and Brad Pitt will produce with Gaylord's Hunt Lowry.
"Season" chronicles Conroy's senior season as an overachieving point guard and team captain at the military school. At its core, "My Losing Season" is the coming-of-age story of a youth who prepares to give up hoops, the sport that gave him a feeling of self worth and a refuge from a bullying fighter pilot father. Conroy's dad inspired "The Great Santini."
Given the personal nature of his book, Conroy had no intention to aggressively shop the screen rights, said Marly Rusoff, the lit agent who made Conroy's deal along with Michael Rudell. Producers came calling anyway, with Warners' preemptive package the most alluring.
Gaylord topper Lowry has known Conroy for 15 years.
"It's a book that illustrates the resilience of the human spirit and how a boy grows through moments of glory and moments of loss," said Grey.
The Oscar-nommed Conroy won't write the script. He's busy barnstorming his new book and will then begin another novel, along with a second memoir that will explore his culinary passions, complete with recipes.
WB exec Kevin McCormick will shepherd the pic with Gaylord exec Stacy Cohen. Gaylord Entertainment chairman E.K. Gaylord II will exec produce with Jennifer Aniston, who is a partner in the Grey/Pitt producing venture.
Thursday Dec. 5, 2002
Publishers Lunch, Deal Lunch -- October 24, 2002 -- Micah Nathan's ABERDEEN, about four students of medieval history at an elite Connecticut college who become involved in a search for the alchemists '"Philosophers Stone," which they believe will unlock the secrets of the Universe while conveying immortality to its finder, told from point of view of Eric Dunne, an orphaned sixteen year whose preternatural aptitude for Latin brings him first to the attention of the head of the history department and into the inner circle of charismatic medievalist, to Chuck Adams at Simon & Schuster, by Marly Rusoff (NA).
(Title changed to GODS OF ABERDEEN)
Publishers Weekly Hot Deals -- September 30, 2002 on Cassandra King next book THE SAME SWEET GIRLS -- Cassandra King, married to bestselling novelist Pat Conroy (who has his own new book out next month; see p. 41) has signed with her publisher Hyperion for a second book, after her first, THE SUNDAY WIFE, scored five printings to reach 100,000 copies in print. Her editor, Leslie Wells, signed the new one, to be called THE SAME SWEET GIRLS, on the basis of a description over lunch. It's about a group of women approaching their 50s who meet annually at a beach house in Alabama, and focuses on the 30-year stories of three of them. Wells bought world English, serial and audio from agent Marly Rusoff and plans to publish in summer 2004. Meanwhile, King is off on a big book tour for her first book and will share the spotlight with Conroy at a number of stops on his own tour.
Publishers Weekly, News > Hot Deals by John F. Baker -- 9/30/2002 
Publishers Weekly Short Takes -- September 23, 2002 on Mary Relindes Ellis first novel THE TURTLE WARRIOR -- Penguin publisher Kathryn Court bought a first novel set in the unfamiliar territory of northern Wisconsin, called THE TURTLE WARRIOR by local author Mary Relindes Ellis. It's a family tale about death and survival, which in-house readers have compared to the work of Jim Harrison and Louise Erdrich. Court bought world rights, plus first serial and audio, from agent Marly Rusoff for publication early in 2004
Publishers Lunch, Deal Lunch -- July 29, 02 --Tom McNulty's CLEAN LIKE A MAN, said to be the first housecleaning handbook written exclusively for men (and expected to have strong gift appeal), to Chris Pavone at Clarkson Potter, in a nice deal, by Marly Rusoff and Kathy Mack of The Rusoff Agency (world).
Publishers Lunch, Deal Lunch -- June 5, 02 on Gail Saltz nonfiction BEING REAL-- Clinical Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Weill-Cornell School of Medicine, psychoanalyst, and regular contributor to the Today Show Gail Saltz, MD's BECOMING REAL: How Embracing Painful Emotions Can Transform Your Life, about the benefits that come to those who choose to fully confront life's difficulties and use all of their emotions wisely, along with revealing "the secret strength of anxiety, depression, anger, along with the other emotions that help make our lives richer and more meaningful," to Amy Hertz at Riverhead, in a good deal, by Marly Rusoff (world).
Publishers Weekly Hot Deals -- April 29, 02 on Kristin Ohlson's memoir STALKING THE DIVINE -- …Agent Marly Rusoff sold a book called STALKING THE DIVINE  by journalist and short story writer Kristin Ohlson to Leigh Haber at Hyperion; it’s the story of a skeptic whose encounter with a group of nuns in Cleveland, Ohio, brings her back to the possibilities of faith; the sale was for world rights.
Publishers Lunch, Deal Lunch -- April 23, 02 on Kristin Ohlson's memoir STALKING THE DIVINE --  Kristin Ohlson's memoir STALKING THE DIVINE, based on her three-year relationship with a group of aging, cloistered, contemplative Poor Clare of Perpetual Adoration nuns who live in a forgotten monastery in downtown Cleveland, magnificent in spirit but dwindling in number, and the personal journey in which getting to know the nuns and study their collective history helped open herself "to the possibility of the sacred," to Leigh Haber at Hyperion, in a good deal, by Marly Rusoff (world).
Publishers Weekly Hot Deals -- April 22, 2002 on THE WASP EATER -- A first novel by an author who has written and published many short stories (including one in The Best American Short Stories series) was sold as part of a two-book six-figure deal to Janet Silver and Heidi Pitlor at Houghton Mifflin. It is THE WASP EATER by William Lychack, the story of a 10-year-old boy’s efforts to reunite his estranged parents and find out more about a father he never really knew, praised by author Charles Baxter as “one of the best narratives I have ever read about those who are unforgiven.” North American rights in the novel and a book of short stories were sold by agent Marly Rusoff; foreign rights are being negotiated by Lisa Queen at IMG.
Publishers Lunch, Deal Lunch -- April 15, 2002 on THE WASP EATER -- William Lychack's first novel THE WASP EATER, in which a ten-year-old boy attempts to reunite his estranged parents (praised by writer Charles Baxter as "one of the best narratives I have ever read about those who are unforgiven, and the effect of this refusal on a child, the eyes and ears of the family"), to Janet Silver and Heidi Pitlor at Houghton Mifflin, in a two book deal that includes a collection of stories, for six figures, by Marly Rusoff (NA).
Translation rights: Lisa Queen at IMG, German rights: Jacqueline Le Donna.
Spiritual Memoir by Young Graduate of Harvard Divinity School Sold to Doubleday -- Publishers Lunch, January 7, 2002 -- Twenty-eight year old Harvard Divinity School graduate Kerry Egan's memoir FUMBLING, focusing on her walking journey from France through northern Spain on the four hundred mile medieval Catholic pilgrimage, the route of the Camino de Santiago, a year after her father died, in which she "found faith in the face of grief" and "learned to grieve and to pray, to recognize God in all things, in the simple acts of walking, remembering, even breathing," to Eric Major at Doubleday, in a good deal, by Marly Rusoff (NA)
Novel - Re-creates Romanov Family Final Days -- Publishers Lunch October 15, 2001 -- THE KITCHEN BOY a novel by Robert Alexander sold for six figures to Jane von Mehren at Viking/Penguin by Marly Rusoff... An elderly Russian living out his days in a suburb of Chicago leaves his granddaughter Kate a legacy: a tape to be played following his death that reveals his true identity. He was the kitchen boy of Nicholas and Alexandra and the last living witness to their brutal murders. Based on extensive historical research, and with a breathtaking surprise ending, THE KITCHEN BOY imaginatively answers the question posed by the recent discovery of the fact of two missing bodies in the Romanov family grave. Russian rights were sold for a record breaking six-figure sum.
Breakthrough Book on Lung Health Sold to Broadway Books -- Publishers Weekly October 12, 2001 -- A book offering aid and advice to those suffering from such chronic lung diseases as asthma, bronchitis and emphysema has been signed by Gerry Howard for Broadway Books. "LIFE AND BREATH" by Dr. Neil Schachter, writing with Deborah Chase, was a solid six-figure buy from new-fledged agent (and former Doubleday exec) Marly Rusoff.
The book will also offer advice to smokers on how they can help offset the damage done to their lungs by cigarettes. Dr. Schachter is a former president of the American Lung Association of New York.
A debut historical novel THE LOST LETTERS OF AQUITAINE by Judith K. Healey opens in the year 1200. Alais Capet, once in line for the throne, is a middle-aged spinster, an aging Princess of France who lives in Paris at the mercy of her brother and his court. Her youthful betrothal to Richard the Lionheart, King of England, was never consummated and Alais blames her stepmother, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine. A masterful blend of history and imagination, the often-mysterious events in this novel are based upon a situation that was hinted at in the chronicles of the time, but never elaborated upon or proved. Sold by Marly Rusoff to William Morrow (World Rights) publication early 2004.
(Wm. Morrow will publish this novel under the title: The Canterbury Papers)
Liz Smith on Cassandra King and Pat Conroy -- Newsday - October 25, 2001 --LUV! So you think book publishing is all cut and dried and cutthroat? Here's a big book-world romance that should curl your toes.
Hyperion is celebrating the acquisition this week of two novels by one Cassandra King. And who is she? Well, among other things, she is a woman who met her current husband, the great fictionmeister Pat Conroy, by bravely asking him back in the '90s to give her a blurb for her first novel, "MAKING WAVES IN ZION" The king of such literary gems as "The Prince of Tides" and "The Great Santini" not only gave Cassandra a thumbs-up, he began to woo her, and they ended up married.
So Hyperion loves owning her new work, "THE SUNDAY WIFE" which will bow a year from now and concerns a preacher's wife in a small Florida panhandle town. The Disney company also will bring out the paperback of "Making Waves," which got this whole sweet romance started. That comes in the summer of 2003.
MENTIONING Pat Conroy, let me state here that when he read his work for our Literacy Partners fund-raiser years ago, Pat became, hands down, the greatest author-performer we ever had. He still holds the championship, and I hope someday he'll return for one of our springtime reading galas. Conroy could have been a marvelous actor!
Hyperion Buys Old and New Books by Mrs. Conroy in Major Six-figure Deal -- Publishers Weekly, October 2001 -- Hyperion has bought a new novel by Cassandra King, the wife of novelist Pat Conroy, and also taken over paperback publication of one she published six years ago with a small press. The new one is "THE SUNDAY WIFE", about a preacher's wife in a small Florida Panhandle town who is faced with a problem because of her friendship with a rich and troubled local woman.
The previous book, published in 1995 by Alabama's Black Belt Press, was called "Making Waves in Zion", also with a small-town setting.
Hyperion publisher Ellen Archer negotiated the world English and audio rights deal with agent Marly Rusoff, and executive editor Leslie Wells will be the in-house editor for the new book, which will be published next October. The paperback of "Waves" will appear the following summer.
King has been a college writing teacher, has conducted corporate writing seminars, and worked for an Alabama weekly paper. She met best-selling novelist Conroy when she asked him to write a blurb for her first novel, and they now live together in South Carolina.
Freud's Requiem Sold to Riverhead -- Publishers Weekly - Hot Deals May 2001-- A young Freudian analyst, Matthew von Unwerth, has put the Viennese master on the couch in a literary deconstruction called "FREUD'S REQUIEM",  which Riverhead's Cindy Spiegel has just preempted for six figures for world rights.
The deal was made by Marly Rusoff, a former senior publicity executive and associate publisher at Doubleday, who is now agenting as an affiliate of the Carlisle & Company agency. It is a first book for von Unwerth, who directs the Brill Library, a center of research in psychoanalysis in Manhattan.
Rusoff explains that the author examines in detail an essay by Freud called "On Transience," in which he describes a walk with an unidentified poet who is, in fact, Rilke, and notes how Freud reinterpreted everything that was said and done that day; as a result, von Unwerth has come to see psychoanalysis as "a science of mourning," in which there are still redemptive possibilities."

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THE JEWEL TRADER OF PEGU by Jeffrey Hantover
WOODSBURNER by John Pipkin
MY NAME IS MARY SUTTER by Robin Oliveira
PROOF OF HEAVEN by Mary Curran Hackett


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