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Dave Freedman’s personal story is one of passion, determination and struggle. Despite being a graduate of Princeton and Harvard Business School, Dave did what others with his background only talk about. He literally quit his day job. He walked away from a million dollar Wall Street career and a guaranteed ticket to the easy life to chase after his dream of becoming a published author. So while his college friends became fabulously wealthy, advanced in their careers, married and bought big houses, Dave made no money at all, hardly had a social life and literally moved into his parent’s basement so he could pursue his writerly ambition.

Informed by a deep understanding of science, Freedman smartly takes on one of the most important (and controversial) subjects in the news today: the debate over intelligent design versus evolution. But as interesting as this subject matter is, it’s too esoteric and complicated for most people to relate to or even understand. NATURAL SELECTION “repackages” the material in a fictional setting that is anything but intimidating; rather, it is approachable, easy to understand, and extraordinarily well researched by an author who “knows his stuff.”

Dave's struggle paid off; Hyperion Books will publish Freedman’s first novel. Called "an awesome beach read" by Publishers Weekly, USA TODAY already predicts his debut novel will become one of 2006 summer’s hottest reads.

About the author

Dave Freedman lives in Southern California with his wife. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Princeton and a master's degree from Harvard. NATURAL SELECTION is his first novel.

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