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Booklist – Starred Review - June 1, 2008
…So began her life as a stalking victim, a life carefully detailed in this compelling memoir. Unlike such movies as Sleeping with the Enemy, which settle for facile dramatic moments and action scenes, this book is a study in psychological terrorism. The ease with which Brennan’s stalker, Paul, could disrupt her life at will—redirecting her mail, playing games with her phone service, even entering her own home—is chilling, and Brennan (a pseudonym) conveys her own fear and mounting sense of physical discomfort so well that we feel it, too. We also feel her inner strength, the resilience that allows her to endure what seemed an eternity of looking over her shoulder without losing her sense of self. Books about stalking cases are fairly common, but very few are written by the victims of such cases. A remarkable and very powerful story.
-- David Pitt

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