READING DAVID by Lissa Weinstein, Ph.D.

Publisher Perigee/Putnam, September 2003

What happens when an expert in learning disabilities is confronted with a dyslexic child who is not only a professional challenge but a personal one? What happens when psychological expertise must coexist with the powerful emotions a mother feels for her son? This unique book explores the answers to those questions - and offers a new perspective on loving, learning and healing.

As a clinical psychologist, Lissa Weinstein made a career of helping others understand the nature of learning disabilities. But when her own son was diagnosed with dyslexia, she found herself as frustrated and confused as the parents she counseled.

"This book is a riveting and informative read. Lissa and David have laid bare not only the facts of dyslexia, but also the stark human emotions that lie beneath the label ‘learning disabled.’ I wish every teacher could read it and understand! "
--Jane M. Healy, Ph.D., author of Your Child’s Growing Mind: A Guide to Brain Development and Learning from Birth to Adolescence

"READING DAVID is both heart wrenching and uplifting. Mother and son have written a poignant and compelling account of how dyslexia affects the whole family. "
-- Barbara Corcoran, author, Use What You’ve Got & Other Business Lessons I Learned From My Mom, Chairman, The Corcoran Group

"This is a lovely book. Every child with dyslexia should “meet” David so he can help them through the diagnosis and treatment of this common problem. I and other adults who read this will want to take David home! "
--Judith Rapoport, M.D., author, The Boy Who Couldn’t Stop Washing

"I couldn't put this book down. A gripping story of a mother's discovery of her son's dyslexia and her efforts to help him. Suddenly finding herself on the treatment side of the psychologist-patient relationship, the psychologist mother must come to terms with her own powerful reactions. Parents trying to understand their child's learning disability will find this book a great comfort, not because it provides easy answers, but because it portrays the struggle so honestly. Wonderfully written by both the mother and the son."
-- Ellen Winner, Professor of Psychology, Boston College, author of Gifted Children: Myths and Realities

“Lissa and David’s honesty, painful insights, and heroic journey through the mystery of learning challenges really helped me understand my past that I only guessed at until now.”
-- Henry Winkler, author of Niagara Falls Or Does It? and Hank Zipzer, the Mostly True Confessions of the World’s Best Underachiever

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Reading David by Lissa Weinstein

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