LIFE AND BREATH by Dr. Neil Schachter

Publisher Broadway/Random House Books, March 2003

LIFE AND BREATH: Preventing Treating and Reversing Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease by Dr. Neil Schachter will raise awareness of pulmonary problems and offer important information on preventing and reversing chronic lung disease. LIFE AND BREATH will provide essential environmental, nutritional and exercise strategies but will be particularly useful for parents concerned about the dramatic increase in asthma among children and also for the 90 million current and former smokers who are at increased risk of pulmonary disease.

More than 26 million Americans suffer now with asthma. Once seen as a separate disease, this is the first book to explain how asthma, even in people who have never smoked cigarettes, can lead to COPD. This book will offer simple yet effective advice to prevent development of chronic, irreversible pulmonary symptoms in asthmatics.

Dr. Schachter, former president of The American Lung Association of New York, has pledged 25% of all earnings of Life and Breath to provide support to their educational and research programs.

Life And Breath by Neil Schachter M.D.

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