THE LAWS OF HARMONY by Judith Ryan Hendricks

Publisher Harper Collins, February 2009

From the Author of Bread Alone comes a Tale of One Woman’s Struggle to Remake Herself in the Wake of Loss and Deception

In 1989 Sunny Cooper escaped to Albuquerque. Fourteen years later she’s still there, struggling to make a living, to shore up her floundering relationship, and to forget her childhood on a commune, where a freak accident killed her younger sister, Mari.

Just when the “normal” life Sunny craves appears to be within reach, another accident-the sudden dearth of her fiancé, Michael, and the revelations that their relationship was not what it seemed-will turn her world upside down. Once again Sunny escapes, this time to the town of Harmony on San Miguel Island. But a surprising discovery sparks an emotional encounter with her estranged mother and forces both women to reexamine the truth of their memories. Only by making peace with the past can Sunny finally step out of its shadow and into a new life.


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