KISSING YOU by Daniel Hayes

Publisher Graywolf, April 2004

In Daniel Hayes's hilarious debut collection, people disclose far too much and risk embarrassment as they search for partners, love, and higher forms of ecstasy. Continually stumbling upon obstacles of their own making, they battle freakish obsessions and potent fears secrets both real and imagined. After a difficult breakup, one woman has visions not of God or a new boyfriend, but of a celebrity-on-the-wane with a deeply oral fixation. A man, intent upon finding the right girl, doesn't understand why "stalking" has to be such an ugly word. Another woman learns the sad truth her fiancÚ has as much substance as the filling of the Hostess Twinkie in which he presents her engagement ring. And in the title story, one gay man tempts another with false bravado, a penchant for restraint, and tall tales of pet iguanas. Outlandish, romantic, and sexy, the stories in KISSING YOU are compulsively entertaining. Daniel Hayes narrows the uncomfortable spaces between people and lets readers witness the intriguing consequences.

"KISSING YOU is an intricately linked collection of stories which, piece by piece, explores different relations of intimacy: between lovers, between pop culture and the consumer, between writer and reader. Hayes breaks down distinctions between public and private realms and, in so doing, could not be more relevant, more provocative, more disrespectful. I admire this book immensely."
-- David Shields, author of Remote, Dead Languages, Black Planet

Kissing You by Daniel Hayes

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