THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND DECENCY: Rules and Regulations Manual by Frank and Sue Fuller

Publisher Crown/Random House, January 2008

The USA DECENCY Act (Deny Evolution, Combat Europe, and Never, ever Concede that You might be wrong about anything, ever) was passed this year by an overwhelming majority, and decency is now the law of the land. You are required by law to be decent. There will be no exceptions.

Praise the government: Decency is back! America is in the middle of a moral revival that promises to eradicate indecency and pry the nation from the grip of dangerously left-leaning hippies, radicals, college professors, hedonists, and drug addicts. The Department of Homeland Decency was set up to monitor and enforce that effort and has provided this simple, straightforward, mandatory manual to the star-spangled rules of good behavior. No longer will decent men and women have to tolerate free lunches, activist publishers, “homeless” embryos, or nudity outside of the bedroom. By following these guidelines, neighborhoods will be freed from the blight of secular humanism and everyone can join the movement that has decent Homelanders marching proudly backward to the future!


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