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The Review Broads – August 12, 2014
“Southern and simply delightful, Cancel the Wedding reads like a cake walk, sweet and irresistible. A pure delight as a summer read I could carry this book around in the fall and winter as well; it swells with characters both real and tasty!”

Dark Readers – August 6, 2014
“This book was such a breath of fresh air…and had me totally invested in the characters…I absolutely adored this book, the story, the setting – everything. I look forward to reading more emotional, touching reads from Dingman in the future and if you like women’s lit, stories about discovering what makes you happy and family secrets coming to the surface I say pick it up today!”

My Novel Opinion – August 6, 2014
“Cancel the Wedding caught me by surprise…I laughed and cried along with the main characters. It’s a book that I would recommend to someone looking for a beach read with a bit of substance…Cancel the Wedding was one of those books that you try to read slowly as to take it all in…but end up finishing all too soon.”

Rather Be Reading – August 4, 2014
“I was totally hooked to this mystery, and loved as each part of the story clicked into place. Never predictable, Dingman kept me curious throughout the entire book. In fact, Cancel the Wedding was one of those books I kept thinking about when I was not reading it…the book was just so darn readable. I could not get enough of this sweet small town (the history was so impressive), the colorful supporting characters, budding romance, and a main character finding the bravery to put her life on the path she wants – even if that means making hard decisions later rather than sooner. Cancel the Wedding is the perfect read for your summer getaway.”

Books and Chocolate – August 1, 2014
“Sometimes I finish a book with a smile on my face and this was the case with Cancel the Wedding. It was truly one of the best novels I’ve read in while…This would be a great book to take on vacation or to the beach…Fans of mystery as well as romance will enjoy this story.”

Imaginary Reads – July 23, 2014
“Cancel the Wedding deals with themes of death, life, and self-identity. Not only does Olivia come to terms with her mother's history, she confronts who she is and who she wants to be. This is a great summer read. I recommend this to readers looking for a contemporary book that explores relationships and self-discovery.”


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