GIVE IT UP: My Year Of Living Better With Less by Mary Carlomagno

Publisher William Morrow, January 2006

"Would it be possible to live without the designer coffee, the Kate Spade bags, the technology that was a part of my every day existence? Could stripping away some of those items and habits make me appreciate what I was so fortunate to have? I created a plan. Each month for one year, I would chose one of my favorite things ad give it up cold turkey for one month. This would become my year of living better with less."
Mary Carlomagno

Like most people, Mary Carlomagno was stressed out, over-scheduled, and tripping over the clutter of her days—until she decided to take control, breaking free of possessions and simplifying her life. Each month, she renounced one thing; alcohol, shopping, elevators, newspapers, cell phones, dining out, television, taxis, coffee, cursing, chocolate and multi-tasking.

Over the course of those 12 months, she took stock of her life, discovered what is really important, and gained a deeper appreciation for what she has and the world around her—gifts she now shares with us all. Based on Carlomagno’s own life changing experiences, Give It Up! is the ultimate make-over, a common sense blueprint anyone looking for a fresh start can use to start the new year right.

Mary Carlomagno is the founder of Order, a company that specializes in clutter control, urban apartment solutions, office spaces, and life transitions. Prior to founding Order, she worked at Barnes and Noble as a national events manager and at Bantam Doubleday Dell as a marketing manager. She lives in Hoboken, New Jersey.

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