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IN HIS SIGHTS by Kate Brennan

Publisher Harper Collins, August 2008

The line between love and obsession is explored in this harrowing memoir, in which a woman—whose life was destroyed by a man who crossed that line—battles to escape his grasp.

“No matter what else happens, my life will always be divided into three parts: before him, with him, and after him…”

Kate Brennan is like a lot of women: hesitant to love for fear of being hurt. Only her fears prove to be warranted, and the collateral damage she has suffered is far more devastating than a broken heart. Kate is a woman of simple tastes—and a complicated romantic past. So when she meets Paul, a wealthy, charismatic businessman with a great deal of free time, she’s wary of getting involved. Eventually, though, his charm wins her over. But when she catches him cheating and confronts him, the relationship quickly turns ugly. She let Paul into her life with trepidation; but now that the relationship is over, she can’t get him out.

This powerful, visceral memoir lays bare not only the mind of a stalker, but also the way an ordinary woman falls prey to a warped and powerful man with the money and connections to keep her under his watchful eye. Both frightening and illuminating, In His Sights is a gripping tale of one woman’s descent into the dark side of love and obsession and how she fought—and still struggles—to free herself.

"The term “stalker” conjures up an annoying ex-boyfriend. In IN HIS SIGHTS, Kate Brennan reveals the actual horror of being victimized by a lunatic, and she writes so sharply of her ongoing, heart-wrenching hounding it feels as though she’s using a knife to tell the story. I couldn't put this book down."
-- Mary-Ann Tirone Smith author of Girls of Tender Age

IN HIS SIGHTS submerges the reader in the fear and near-paranoia of being stalked, knowing someone will never let you go, never let you live in peace. This haunting book will flicker through your mind as you close the blinds at night and check the locks. It will make you glance back down the aisle in the grocery, and check your rearview mirror over and over, to see if you’re being followed. What makes this book even more compelling is that it’s true.
-- Janine Latus, author of If I Am Missing or Dead

"Kate Brennan knows the torment, tedium, and intermittent terror of being stalked. IN HIS SIGHTS captures it all."
-- J. Reid Meloy, Ph.D., Forensic Psychologist and author of Violent Attachments


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